Our story has a beautiful weave

What we remember from a story is the plot, because since he started painting in the caves man needs stories, to grow, to learn and to improve himself. The story-line, not coincidentally, is also that complex pattern of threads that weave themselves following various angles.

This is our speciality, this is our story.

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The working phases

The Roberto Pancani manufacturing model is based on the enhancement of historical craftsmanship and on the search for a distinctive and innovative style. All production happens under the direct supervision of the company: from the concept to the production of the Samples, from the creation of the Collection to Quality Control.

At each single point of the production line one can recognise the strengths of an authentically artisanal creation.

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The quality of unique craftsmanship

The search for particular manual techniques is the starting point of our products, that use craftsmanship typical of the traditions of our territory. Since our work is entirely handmade its uniqueness comes naturally; similarly every article differs from the other as the result of specific manual skills, each one unique in its genre.

The creations produced by Roberto Pancani are guaranteed HandMade in Florence.

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If you are interested in learning more about our services and expertise, contact us via our regular communication channels or by filling in the special inquiry form. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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